Learning Shotgun Basics

I just got a trial to SG, and I’m checking out the api. Super newbie! Playing with the Bunny Demo Project.
I watched the Siggraph Dev Dairy as it was really all I could find, and I read through the getting started docs. In process of reading the cookbook. :smiley:

I have a few ‘How Do I’ questions - mostly starting with querying sg :

How do I:

  1. List All Shots in Project by Name

filters = [[“project”, “is”, {“type”: “Project”, “name” : “Demo: Animation with Cuts”}]]
fields = [‘code’]
result = sg.find(‘Shot’, filters, fields )

  1. Get Task Status for All Shots in a Project and return the status, the task and name of the shot.

filters = [[“project”, “is”, {“type”: “Project”, “id”: 85}]]
fields = [‘name’, ‘sg_status_list’]
result = sg.find(‘Task’, filters, fields )

  1. Get Version Name of All Shots of the sequence ‘Bunny_020’ which have a Approved status and has a Task of Comp

filters = [[“project”, “is”, {“type”: “Project”, “id”: 70}], [“sg_status_list”, “is”, “apr”], [“sg_task”, “is”, {“type”: “Task”, {“type”: “step”, “code”: “Comp”}}]]
fields = [‘code’, ‘sg_status_list’, ‘entity’]
result = sg.find(‘Version’, filters, fields )

Super excited to learn this!
Also, any suggested resources, tips, docs, videos you can point me to would be super awesome!