Launch publisher from python

Hello guys,
I am just wondering if is possible to run SG publisher app from python without app name (where app name is not in SG menu in maya) with a specific ‘set’ from tk-multi-publish.yml >

Another thing would be to hide the name app in SG maya menu if possible.


Hey Lukas,

Have you figured this one out yet? I’m wondering the same.

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No, not yet. … also I am not working on this issue anymore. (at the moment)

Cool, thanks for the quick response. I’ll let you know if we find a solution.

I find it a bit unclear. Do you want to run the publisher “automatically”, and without having it in the menu? This is certainly possible.
The app is registered under engine.apps["tk-multi-publish2"] - you can access its functions from there.
You have to reference the shot_lighting_submit_full config from your corresponding environment config (e.g. shot_step.yml).

If you share more details it might be easier to describe a solution.

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Agree that a more detailed description of the problem that needs to be solved would be useful. I’m struggling to understand why you would need to remove the app from the SG menu (only to expose it elsewhere in Maya’s interface presumably)? I’m not aware of a built-in way to hide or remove a toolkit app from the menu once it’s been registered in a context, but you could try brute force removing it in a core hook. Its methods should still be available from python as @mmoshev indicated and you could still launch it like so: