How can I launch the MultiPublish2 from a custom setting?

I’m working in Maya and I need to launch the publisher UI from a context other than the item other than the Shotgun menu.

Initially it would just be good to launch it from the script editor - I can get an instance of the app using:

engine = sgtk.platform.current_engine()
publish_app = engine.apps.get("tk-multipublish2")

but I can’t see where I go from there. I see there’s an engine.show_dialog() but I need to provide the QWidget dialog class and I can’t see how I would have access to that?

Any pointers? I feel like I’m either missing something basic, or this is much more complicated than I’m assuming.


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Hi @joejf

You can’t launch an app from a context different from the engine’s current context. You would have to change the engine’s current context.

However, just because the publisher is launched in a certain context, doesn’t mean it needs to gather from or publish to the same context. The publish plugins are customizable so you could modify it to act in a different context.

Hi @philip.scadding,

I don’t mean to change the engine’s context, but I would to trigger the launch of the Publisher from somewhere other than the Shotgun menu (e.g. from a python call in the script editor, or from a custom plugin window). Is that not possible?


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Ah I see, so this might be what you are looking for:

Thanks, that seems to be just what I’m after!

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