Jira Shotgun Bridge Assistance

Hello All,

I am implementing the Jira Shotgun bridge. I was able to successfully sync Shotgun users and Jira users:

But when I try to run the webapp I get this error:

I thought I properly defined those variables when I created a .env file:

Help and assistance in this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Very Respectfully,
Lorenz M.


Hey @lorenz719—welcome to the community! I pushed your post over to the #pipeline category so it gets the right audience and eyes on it. :slight_smile:

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Hi @lorenz719,

There is an issue with the older version of the dotenv module on OSX that causes it to not find the correct .env file. We recently updated the requirements.txt file on sg-jira-bridge to point to the latest version.

Can you make sure you have the latest version from of the repository from Github? If you were using an older version, once you have pulled the most recent version you’ll need to upgrade your packages by running:

pip install -r /path/to/sg-jira-bridge/requirements.txt --upgrade

This should get you the latest dotenv package and solve your problem.