A new version of sg-jira-bridge has been released!

v0.4.0b1 (July 12, 2023)

What’s Changed

  • Updating Python version in requirements sections.
  • Bump requests from 2.21.0 to 2.31.0 in /triggers.
  • Adds support for Jira Python client 3.5.0. Drop support for Python 2.
  • Remove check for module daemonize on win32.
  • Look up issue types by project


We only fully support the cloud version of this SG JIRA bridge release, the support for the server version is limited. Since this version could affect the server installation we would like you to test this beta version before we ship the final version.


v0.4.0b3 (August 21, 2023)

What’s Changed

  • Update link in documentation
  • Improves on asset_issue_handler.py
  • Support add/remove watchers on cloud environments

Full Changelog: v0.4.0b2…v0.4.0b3