Issues with Software aka CustomNonProjectEntity23

Hi i just want to confirm, that issues is somehow on our side.

to somehow sum-up the issue.

I started to encounter an issue where tk-desktop started to throw error that

'CustomNonProjectEntity23' is not valid entity

after changing out temaplates for tk-desktop (tk-desktop.yml)

sg_software_entity: Software

I started to get another error in script.

because shotgrid query checks ‘sg_projects’ field on sg_software_entity,
and that does not exists or no longer exists…
(field is called ‘projects’ because original shotgrid tables do not have to include ‘sg_’ :crazy_face:)

not sure where this issue originated.

Can someone confirm that the
“sg_software_entity” should have “CustomNonProjectEntity23” as a default value and not “Software” ?

if “CustomNonProjectEntity23” is indeed correct, than why it does not work for custom pipeline configuration without softwares ?
Or even how to make “CustomNonProjectEntity23” work again?

( we have to have such a configuration, because running full pipeline config for simple commandline operations or testing is not time efficient)