Interpreter_windows.cfg with git descriptor config

Where does this file come from when using a distributed config using descriptors?
It gets created in the the config cache in the app data folder, but it doesn’t exist in the either the config repo or the tk-core repo.

I have a hook that tries to use the tank.bat file to launch maya from a different app.

class Hook(HookBaseClass):
    tank_path = self.tank.pipeline_configuration.get_path()
    cmd = [os.path.join(tank_path, 'tank.bat'), 'maya_2023']

that ends up with a command like
C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\site\\cfg\tank.bat maya_2023
If I run that in a cmd prompt I get this output.
"Could not find interpreter C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Python\python.exe specified in configuration file!"

That python interpreter location doesn’t exist using app 1.8.0 at least. it should be C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Python3\python.exe

Is this just a bug with desktop, do I need to create a file somewhere to override that?
As far as I know we haven’t needed that file since we switched to git configs.

looks like the wrong python path is just hardcoded into tk-core

# default shotgun desktop python installations
DESKTOP_PYTHON_MAC = "/Applications/"
DESKTOP_PYTHON_WIN = "C:\\Program Files\\Shotgun\\Python\\python.exe"
DESKTOP_PYTHON_LINUX = "/opt/Shotgun/Python/bin/python"
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Since migration to py3 was completed, as reported here, I guess this python would become 3, eventually?