Intensity Pro 4K Support?

We have a machine with a BMD Decklink 4K Extreme which works well for our review sessions.
Since this is a expensive card I was wondering if the following card would work fine too?


We only really need HDMI out anyway for a few extra review boxes on the workfloor and the boxes will also carry a Quadro RTX.

is this viable?

Hi Ricardo_Musch,

RV isn’t explicitly blocking any BMD devices to be discover so if the BDM sdk 11.5, version currently supported by RV, is supporting this card it could work. That being said, RV team has never been able to validate this specific card. If you are looking for HMDI output only, the following one has been validated by the team.

Hope this help,

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Awesome, that’s the same price range haha, perfect!