Inserting new data into a ShotgunModel

I’m a bit confused as to how someone would go about inserting new data into a ShotgunModel class that isn’t returned by a query from ShotGrid. Take, for example, the use case of Scan Ingestion. Looking at the hierarchy from a typical plate turnover, you see that there are one or more PublishedFiles that may be part of one or more Versions that are part of one or more Shots. The PublishedFiles and Versions usually do not exist in the database, and occasionally, the Shots need to be created as well.

I see here that ShotgunModel, underneath everything, subclasses QAbstractItemModel. You could, in theory, just make a new SimpleShotgunModel with the basic Query that you want, and then call appendRow(QStandardItem) on the instance.

Has anyone actually done this, out of curiosity?