Import function Doesn't work on Page Entity

Body: I would like to update the field “Folder” for the 2600+ fields. I would normally do this by simply using the import button and importing a Excel/Sheets table that allows me to id match with the field “Name” and simply add the appropriate folder name I added in the Excel/Sheets table. However the button that usually appears as the dropdown beside the blue button is greyed out.

Question: Is there a way to mass import to mass modify the Page entity? or is it just a unique trait that there is no such “import” function on the Page entity?

(see picture in reply)

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Hello JordanKang,

Page isn’t a “real” Entity in Shotgrid, I mean we can’t find it in Sites Preferences > Entities. I guess it is not possible to import multiples pages because a page contains lot of specific values from DESIGN MODE…


Ahh understood. So it is not possible since pages themselves are not singular (in the sense they contain so many other specific values/layouts to them) gotcha.

Thanks for this, Unfortunately that i means i’m going to need to manually put all these 2600+ pages into folders, but that is okay i guess…

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Folder column isn’t very stable when you use subfolder : For example, when I create a “Desktop Page” in “Desktop” > “Artist”, then when I click on All Pages sometimes it appears at the root, other times it appears on the correct folder… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Log a bug if that is inconsistent behaviour

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