How to update Task.sg_status_list using sg.schema_field_update?

I’m looking for confirmation that you can change sg_status_list using the Shotgun API.

I’m importing a project snapshot from another project. They’re both using same Project Template but some field values e.g. Task.sg_status_list.

I’m using the following code:

sg_properties:dict = {
    'valid_values': list(valid_values),

    self._sg.schema_field_update('Task', 'sg_status_list', sg_properties, self._sg_project)
    self.logger.error(f"failed to update schema field 'sg_status_list' with values {valid_values}")

I get the following error:
tank_vendor.shotgun_api3.shotgun.Fault: API schema_field_update() invalid/missing 'status_list' string

Can I even change or add to the status_list values using the Shotgun API?

Have you been able to successfully do this?


Seems that the dict does not contain all needed values. Try first obtaining the schema, updating the dict, and then calling schema_field_update with it.