How to Query status_list field status permissions from python api?

As the topic suggest I am looking for a way to query status_list field value permissions.

In my script I want information if a specific user is allowed to set ‘from’ or ‘to’ a particular field as is available in the ‘Configure Field’ dialog for a field of type status. For reference please see who can edit this field the following image.

I would like this information to replicate status list behaviour of the web UI in a custom interface from within the DCC.

Can this information be queried from the python api? OR on a broader note how can I query contents of PermissionRuleSet(s)?

I think It’s likely this may be included in the Schema?

Hey, Thanks for your message.

In my experience schema_field_read for this field is returning all possible field values, along with hidden values and valid values, but they are not according to the permissions.

We can emulate permissions from the python api using the sudo_as_login parameter of the init function, so shotgrid prevents us from violating permissions from the all powerful python api as API Admin. However, even with using the sudo feature schema_field_read results are not according to permissions.