How to Customize Maya Environment Vars before launch

I need to launch Maya with a custom MAYA_MODULE_PATH env variable.
From this documentation
It seems the expected method is to edit and add custom code

My challenge is I cannot seem to identify the correct path to the which I am supposed to edit.

I tried to edit this:

*C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Resources\Desktop\Python\bundle_cache\app_store\tk-multi-launchapp\v0.11.2\hooks\*

I had to edit as admin to save my changes, but the environment vars were not set after launching Maya via shotgun create.

There is NO in my %APPDATA%\Shotgun\bundle_cache…

We are running SG cloud, there are no local pipeline config/hooks and config/env folders
I can’t create a local config/ directory using Advanced Project Setup Wizard as in
Configuration Setup - SG Developer (

Because the project is already configured and the process errors out.

This is the correct hook for what you want to achieve.
Never ran distributed configs, but I guess you have to modify the hook, zip and upload the new configuration to Shotgun. Check out

(don’t know how that works during development but I’m sure there is a way to use your hook locally)

Juist like @mmoshev said the best way is to download your config from your site, modifiy it pack as zip and reupload.
You should copy before_app_launch from your_config\install\app_store\tk-multi-launchapp\v0.11.2\hooks\ to
your_config\hooks\tk-multi-launchapp for example. And modify execute method, it can look like this:

def execute(self, app_path, app_args, version, engine_name, **kwargs):
        tk = self.parent.sgtk
        project_path = tk.project_path
        context = tk.context_from_path(project_path)
        if engine_name == 'tk-maya':
            """Here put code to add environment variable"""

What you need to remember is to modify your_config\env\includes\settings\tk-multi-launchapp.yml.
If i remember you should put hook_before_app_launch: “{config}/tk-multi-launchapp/” for tk-multi-launchapp settings.

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