How to create Step folder above Asset folder?

The file system docs include this snippet:

Note: If you want to create a top level folder with Pipeline Steps, just use the Shotgun entity node and set the associated type to step.

But I can’t decipher this. What I’m trying to do is:

Step → Asset → Task

Is this possible?

While I haven’t tried having a step folder as the parent of an Asset and Task, I think this is possible but rather than use the specific type: "shotgun_step" in the schema yml of this step folder, use the type: "shotgun_entity" instead and set entity_type: Step which is mentioned above in that same doc under Shotgun Query Folders

Thanks for the suggestion! I did try that but I keep getting this error upon New File:

Cannot resolve template fields for context ‘Sword, Asset Crouch’ - the following keys could not be resolved: ‘Asset’. Please run the folder creation for ‘ShotGrid’ and try again!

Having the schema is one part in managing paths and contexts. With tk-multi-workfiles2 it seems to rely on needing tk.create_filesystem_structure to have been called prior. Potentially with an engine kwarg depending on if defer_creation: true is set in any of the schema yamls. Maybe give that a go and then check if the folders on disk have been created with the expected schema and then hopefully workfiles should sort itself out.

That is… unless this call is happening when tk.create_filesystem_structure is being called, and maybe even within workfiles… in that case I’d say look to the asset.yml in the schema and check everything is in order there.

Good luck, a lot of this is pray, set and forget because of the gotchas and issues.

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If the Step folder is a shotgun_entity folder, it is not created automatically when running folder creation. If the Step folder is shotgun_step folder, it IS created automatically when running folder creation.

However, in both cases, the Asset folder inside of the Step folder is never created. It seems like the “Step” folder is blocking the creation of further folders…

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Looks like I had a bad filter. The asset folder is getting generated now, but I have different problems. Thanks for the help!

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