Customized schema starting with step and using Element


Have any of you manage to define a schema where you use the order step/task/element_type/Element or step/task/Element in many places successfully?
I’m trying to set up a very customized schema based on artists request, and I’m not managing to make it work properly.
Of course I’m following the suggestion from the doc pages where they state that if you are using step before entity, you should define the dynamic folder as a ‘shotgun_entity’ of type step instead of a ‘shotgun_step’.
But the problems start when you define several folders with this logic. First, you only get the folders listed in preview folder command if you define everything as ‘create_with_parent: true’, and if you do this, you will get the folders you defined, but also the folders from many other tasks.
Now the real issue is that when you try to create the folders for a task, and since in the preview it listed folders for many other tasks, it creates a conflict on the database while trying to assign a folder to many different tasks.
If anyone had this issue and worked it out, please let me know!
Thanks in advance,