How to add An Additional Thumbnail field on Entity page?

We all know that Thumbnail field supports Manual Thumbnail Upload and Thumbnail Based on Query, from which you could choose one. What if I would like to add an additional image column and use the two type of thumbnails simultaneously so that people with different preference could both benefit? There seems no way to add an image type field.


You’re right in that there’s no way to add a new field of type image, but you can set the default Thumbnail field to use Manual Thumbnail Upload and then create a query field that returns an image with conditional filter… That’s the best way around it. The key to making sure it doesn’t change is to make the sort order Ascending instead of Descending. Make sure you set the Display this Version field: to show Thumbnail.

This way, you could upload still image to the system default Thumbnail field so it remains unchanged; and use the query field to show the queried thumbnail, which fulfills preference of all people.