How do I find/control frame rate in Web UI media center?

Is such a thing possible or do I need to view the media in RV?


Hi Chad,

How are you transcoding your media? Are you using our automatic transcoder or DIY transcoding?

We use the frame rate field on the version sg_uploaded_movie_frame_rate to determine the playback behaviour of the version in the overlay player. For hosted sites where we transcode the media, this field is populated as part of the transcoding process. If you’re using DIY transcoding, I’d suggest populating the frame rate field on your versions, when you create the version.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks @alexaz. I see the frame rate in the detailed version info.

Where would I find that sg_uploaded_movie_frame_rate setting btw? I’m sure we must be using the automatic transcoder, so I suppose in that case it is grabbing it from the source file that is uploaded?

sg_uploaded_movie_frame_rate is the scripting name for the Frame Rate field on the Version entity.


Ah, got it…thanks!