How can Shotgun help you to work from home more effectively?

Hi everyone. With an ever increasing number of people working from home and using Shotgun to do so, I wanted to reach out quickly and see if there’s anything we could be doing better to reduce the friction in these difficult times. Shotgun has always been intended to help people work remotely, but working remotely and working from home aren’t necessarily the same thing.

With software as flexible as Shotgun, there aren’t always changes that can be made in a timely manner that can solve all of the problems in a rapidly changing environment, but we’re looking to see if there are some quick wins here of things we might be able to improve in the product that we can implement rapidly enough for them to have a positive impact on your day to day in this situation.

I know some of you may have been providing feedback of this nature already, and we’re looking at that and seeing what we can do, but if you haven’t, and you’re having to use Shotgun from home and can see things that we could be doing better in this regard, please reply to this topic.

Thanks and stay safe and healthy all.


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