Hard to switch between tabs with keyboard Cmd+2, 3 etc when it also means "zoom" in Shotgun

Hello all,

I’m new to the forum so appologies if this has been covered before. (I tried to search for it but came up empty handed).

In Chrome - is there a way to configure Shotgun so that “Cmd+2”, “Cmd+3” does not trigger a zoom-in when viewing a clip? And hence allow that command to be used for switching betweens Tabs (as is Chromes native function)?

So when we do Client sesisons, I typically use Chrome (on a Mac) and have the Review-list up on one tab, and the Shotlist in another tab.
Normally in Chrome, I can switch between tabs by holding down Cmd and pressing the corresponding number for the tab. In this case Cmd+1 would take me to the Client Review Site, and Cmd+2 would take me to the Shot-list (or any other place).

However, with the Client Review Site (or anyware in Shotgun where a video is shown), “Cmd+2” is a hotkey for zooming out the picture. Hence I need to switch tabs with the mouse instead, which slows things down considerably in a hectic session.

So my question is - is there a setting to disable the zoom-hotkeys? Or at least change them, so that they require Shift to be held down as well?

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Hi Andreas,

Welcome to the forums! Good to have you here :).

There currently isn’t a way to disable the hotkeys in the player. Being guilty of keeping lots of tabs open myself, I also use the hotkeys a lot to move around. One possible alternative to the Cmd+Number hotkey is Ctrl+Tab. That will advance you forward (to the right) one tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab will move you back (to the left). Provided your review and Shot lists are adjacent to each other you can use those hotkeys to quickly switch back and forth. Do you think that might help speed up your reviews?


Thank you Brandon!
That’s a good workaround for now, will try to re-program my muscle-memory. Thank you!

(I’d still like there to be a way to change/disable the hotkeys, but I understand that’s a bigger thing to fix).


It’s a fair point! I’ve passed it along to our product team to consider.

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