Handling on_change() for the publish tree UI

Hi everyone!
I’m working on Blender integration and would like to have some of the items in the publish tree checked/unchecked depending on the other items.
That means that when user unchecks one of them other one should get unchecked too.
Normally I would connect to the event handler and update the tree on_change() but I cant seem to find a way to do it in shotgrid.
How would you approach this?

The publisher abstraction is slightly higher, so it only provides you the accept, validate, publish, and finalize methods. The collector provides you with the process_current_session method.
Anything lower level, I think you’d have to override large parts of the publisher. Might as well fork it.

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Ok thanks, it’s a bit more work then I expected. I think I’m gonna stick to the workaround with putting flags in the item.properties for now.