Fxphd course

Has anyone taken the course that fxphd offers? Is it any good? I’d like to deepen my understanding of Shotgun as well as begin to craft some pipeline tools to aid our workflow.


Hi Byron,

Happy to hear you are looking to deepen your understanding of Shotgun :slight_smile: While I can’t speak to the fxphd course personally, I just wanted to chime in to offer some more resources that might also help you along your journey.

We recently released our very own Producers Training Series, that focuses on empowering Producers and keeping them engaged with real-life scenarios rather than just outlining the basics.

And regarding pipeline tools, we have a similar training series aimed at developers with our Developers Training Series. It covers things like “How do I write scripts and build tools for Shotgun?” and “How do I integrate my existing workflows with Shotgun?”

Good luck with your learning! Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way.



Hi @andrew.lawrence, the Developers Training Series link you have does not seem to be working right now:

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Hey @mharris—you’ll find the Developer Training link in addition to some additional context as the series is a bit dated here:

Not sure if anyone has reported this before but this page has a broken link to the FXPHD course videos:

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@mharris—oops…the fxphd course is super old and contains out of date information, so it was offlined a long time ago. Thanks for flagging the old blog post that contained the broken Zendesk/doc link! :male_detective:

The topics discussed in the fxphd series are covered in our more recent learning content and catered to specific industries so it’s more relevant.

For technical content, your best options are:

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Thanks @johnny.duguid, several of the videos linked here are ones that I’ve seen before. Since we have a newer production staff starting with limited SG experience I am just trying to gather a listing of any and all SG related training that I can find on the web.

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:sunglasses: Nice and sounds good!

The Getting Started with Film & Animation will likely be handy for the new prod folks.

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