Force reload of desktop engine on artist machines?

Is there any way to force the desktop engine to reload remotely when I push out changes to either other engine startup code or the before_app_launch hook.

Artists generally leave desktop running for weeks at a time without needing to switch projects.


You can use paper and pencil for this… I’ve tried it.

Write the following on the paper:

Dear Artist: please logout before going home.

Using sticky tape, attach the note to the artist’s monitor.

For good measure, setup all artist workstations to reboot at 7am.


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Hey Joe

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do that. What would be ideal, is if it raised a banner notifying the artists that there was an update available.

If your artists use SG Create instead of SG Desktop to launch the integrations then it will load the latest config every time they try to show the open in actions on a task.

Are you using distributed configs or an installed centralized one? If you are using distributed configs you can set launch_builtin_plugins: [basic] as an engine parameter in the env settings. Doing this will mean that the engine uses its plugin-based startup rather than the older classic based startup. This means that when you launch Maya from Desktop, as part of the Maya Shotgun bootstrap processs it will download the relevant up to date config.
This obviously won’t affect Desktop, that will continue using the older config until the user back out of the project and back in, but it will mean that the launch DCC should be using the latest.

I should note not all engines have this parameter, only the ones that work with the basic config I believe.

I’ve pinged the product team with a suggestion to improve this behaviour.

We’re using a centralized config.

The biggest issues are when I update before_app_launch to change what environment variables are being set or when I need to change were our custom engines look for executables.