Event to bind after cache completes

Hi! is there an event I can bind to when caching finishes after loading a new source?
I try with “after-progressive-loading” and “after-session-read” without luck : (

Im using rv.commands.bind()
thanks in advance!

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@macbeth those two events are for:
after-progressive-loading : After an addSources has been completed its pass (when you see loading x of x…, that’s when progressive loading is happening)
after-session-read literally after reading a session file

While not finished caching, you might be looking for source-group-complete. Be sure to reject the event since there’s other color-management that happens at that time. source-group-complete is supposed to be the first time it is ‘safe’ to modify a source.


Hi! Thanks for your help, but this event doesn’t get triggered when caching finishes : (

What I’m looking for is way to make a “Play when ready” when loading big playlists … and I also want a way to measure loading times so I can play with the settings.

Any ideas are welcome! thanks!

Ah, I see.

From my understanding, that’s generally an anti-pattern, but as the unofficial “Commander of the Anti-Pattern” (a title I just gave myself, hey mods, want to give me that title in the forums?), I totally get where you are coming from.

Check out plugins/Mu/timeline.mu and you might be able to get what you are looking for. You probably need to call it periodically rather than wait for an event.

Specifically, look for (vsecs, asecs, cachedRanges) = cacheUsage(),... and you can probably come up with what you are trying to figure out. This is the code that draws the bars on the timeline.


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