Is there an event that gets fired when the currently playing media changes

Assume I have multiple medias being played in RV, I was wondering whether any event gets generated when a media is done playing and rv starts the next one. (while doing a switch to a new media in timeline)

I am envisioning a “current-media-changed” event

Hi @athulb,

I know that incoming-source-path is sent once RV is about to load a source. Is it what you are looking for?


Thanks for replying, sadly no.
More back story on the use case, I have a docked panel that shows notes about the currently playing media, so wanted the panel to subscribe to an event that could auto update the notes whenever RV starts to play a new media, so its not a one time process

I was looking for something similar and ended up using the frame-changed event. The callback to this event checks the current sources rendered using rv.commands.sourcesRendered() to see if its different than what it was the previous time the callback ran.

Have you tried source-media-set?
I believe this triggers when a source media path is set/changed

Edit: I re-read the original question, and realized this is probably not what you’re after

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