Event driven pop-up window

When an even trigger fires off, is it possible to popup a user facing window message box? If the event daemon is being hosted on a headless machine squirreled away in a server room someplace, can a popup occur on the users machine when they trigger an event with a Shotgun_Task_Change event? If so, are there any examples of doing such a thing available for me to take a look at?

If you’re using Deadline, I think you can send a command to any users. The command could be anything including the pop up ui.

I think, in theory, you should be able to configure your event plugin to execute the command via deadline.

Not using Deadline.

In theory, yes, this can all be achieved.

But as said above, the actual functionality will have to be built.
Its not really ShotGrid functionality but more a notification system.

Would maybe a Slack/Teams/Discord message be something that could work?
Otherwise, indeed Deadline (which is now free) can send a message to a machine with a popup.

Alternatively you could build a (toolkit) app that listens to a socket/port and you can comunicate to that from any code, so also the event server.

All of this just depends on exactly what you want to achieve and how complex this all should be.