Entity naming restrictions in the Shotgun web UI?


I was wondering if there’s a way of restricting the values of names/codes when creating Entity entries in the Shotgun web UI.

In a Shotgun Toolkit, we can restrict the naming syntax of files on disk per Project based on templates.yml, and event triggers can also monitor the validity of potential names, but I’d like to be able to circumvent problem names long before either of those come into play – I don’t want badly named Entity entries in the first place.

e.g.: an Asset Entity name on attempted entry through the Shotgun web UI would disallow underscores or hyphens, complain if a user tried to use them, and not create the Entity entry in the Shotgun DB.

Am I missing a Site Preferences setting somewhere? Is there something configurable in a Form? I haven’t seen anything so far.



Hi @deanareeno,

Unfortunately we don’t have a filtering restriction like that in the webUI, one thing somme clients have done is create a sanitiser using the Event Daemon, which checks name creation and if doesn’t fulfil parameters it deletes the entry. Not a glamorous solution, but prevents inconsistent naming in the webUI.