Emails not being delivered

Hi all, I’m having issues with notification emails from Shogun not getting delivered.

If I use a gmail account the emails arrive fine but anything sent to our company emails which is via shared server web hosting package, it never never gets through.

I’ve been talking to our webhosts and shotgun support but a solution still evades us.

Has anyone has had a similar issue.



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Hey Steve,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. Depending on each user’s subscription settings, Shotgun can potentially be sending you/your studio a lot of emails. That can sometimes trigger automated responses from email providers who think it might be some sort of spam attack.

In cases like this the first step should be to reach out to your webhost to see if any blacklist rules have been put in place for or email domains. If your host needs any specific info from the Shotgun team, reach out to support (which sounds like you may have an existing case with us) and we’re happy to help iron out any details your webhost may need.

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Thanks Fozzie, I have been chatting to SG support and my webhost. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced something similar.