Downloading tk-core from app store via api


I’m trying to understand how app store apps are downloaded automatically to a user’s local Shotgun bundle_cache.

I’m attempting to utilize the toolkit on render farm nodes that may not have the version of tk-core that I’d like to use.

Basically I’m unable to import sgtk because it doesn’t exist yet.
Is there a way to trigger this download programmatically before I make use of it?


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Hi @StarkRavenSimone

Usually the approach would be that you download a version of sgtk, and store it somewhere centrally that the farm nodes can find, and then use that to bootstrap the project config.

The bootstrap process will download everything required by the config including the core API.

The initial sgtk that you download will not need to be updated that often since it will only be used to start the bootstrap process, after that the process will swap out the core API for the one required by the config.

It used to be the case that you could pip install sgtk, but unfortunately this is currently not working.


In the documentation of tk-core is the topic of how to install with pip:

Hi @Jaziel thanks for posting the link, however, have you tried it?
We currently have this logged, that it won’t work, as a bug ticket.

Hi @philip.scadding, yes i tried it last week on windows and worked fine:

The only difference is that i dont specify the version, just ran the command for the current version:

pip install git+

My version of git is: git version

Hi @Jaziel!

The bug that @philip.scadding means, is probably the one I am describing in this thread:

Just so you are aware. :slight_smile:

Cheers Fabian

PS: A plus one for a Bugfix is much appreciated :wink: :grimacing:.