Downloadable documentation

Please provide downloadable documentation for RV 7.5.x. It was available in all previous versions…

Hi Michael,

Thank you for posting in community!

What documentation are you talking about? Are you looking for the User and Reference manuals or the Mu language manual?

You can find all of RV documentation on Shotgun’s documentation site:


` Yes, I know I can find it there, but I’d rather find it sitting
next to the RV install on my local machine :slight_smile:



Hey Michael,

We’ve been consolidating our documentation on the Shotgun support website because it’s easier to modify and we can quickly update if we encounter new issues. For example, we frequently update the RV release notes when a new critical bug is discovered or important information is required:

Unfortunately this portal doesn’t offer downloadable docs and we’re currently not looking at supporting offline documentation. Since User and Reference Manuals don’t change very often, if you need to access them offline, you can still get them from RV 7.3.4.


`That’s quite disappointing.

  While I realize it might be easier for YOU to update, note that

there is no RV version in your URL, and no way to search just the
RV docs. When I need information about a specific thing in a
specific version of some software, I’d really like to, you know,
look at the documentation for that exact version.

  In addition, searching documention--any documentation--on

Shotgun’s website is often an exercise in extreme frustration.