Display page count

Sorry, this may be a simple question, I did search but I cannot find the answer . There’s a way to customize pages so it shows how many pages total for all entities. Currently for example with PUblishedFiles, it only shows which page you are viewing, : “Page 3”, How can I change this to display “Page 3 / 10” ?


Hello Hans_Payer
Can you take a screenshot to show as an example? The project pages in ShotGrid, by default, show the “Page n / x” in the bottom right corner of the page (as long as the number of entities are more than the maximum per page selected).

For example the Shots and Assets pages will show Page 1 of 2 if you have more than 25 Shots or Assets in the project, and the limit is set to 25 per page.
Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 1.13.34 pm

I looked at the Published Files page for one of our projects, but since we do not use the file publishing function much, I do not have enough files in a list that would show more than one page. However, that page is structured the same as most other project pages, so it should be displaying the total number of pages in the lower right.

I hope this helps in some way.