Descriptive Tab Titles for Project Overview pages in Web Browser Please

Kind of a feature request, which appears to be mostly implemented already.

I’m keeping an eye on multiple projects at once, so I leave tabs open for each one in my browser. Unfortunately, the tabs are titled simply “Shotgun” when on the Project Overview page, which is not super useful. However, if I go to pretty much any other page for a project, the title for the tab is nicely descriptive. (Shots: or Tasks:, etc.

Would it be possible to ‘fix’ this for the Overview page so that it is consistent with the others (and more useful)?


Hey @Chad,

Thanks for writing in - that is great feedback for our product team. Head on over to this post to learn how to get your idea in front of our Product team and hopefully one day, you can see it come to life! The best product ideas are the ones that are accompanied by reasons why/how it would be useful to your production or project.

From the roadmap you can also cast your ballot for features that we are considering to boost them up the list.