Deploy Event Daemon on Azure

Hi, I have created a Docker container of the event daemon folder structure. I want to deploy the same on Azure. Also, need a way to ensure that if the services are restarted or after a downtime, the file is retained so daemon can resume where it had left off, and does not get start from current event. I am aware of the azure-pipelines.yml file attached with the event daemon installation, but please guide on how to use the same. Thanks.

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Would love to know if SG has support for Azure

I’m not familiar with the azure pipelines settings on this repo but I do believe those are there for unit tests when the SG team pushes to that repo (similar to Github actions).

You most certainly can run this daemon on any flavour of web service or containerized service that supports Python 3.

You’ll likely have to fork the repo and create a dockerFile or equivalent and make sure to mount some storage so your pid file is kept save.

Another way of doing this is by running the daemon on a linux vm on the cloud, perhaps a free tier machine will do the trick however I would imagine the costs of running a full vm vs a container is a bit more on azure/aws.