Default SG Desktop PipelineConfiguration

Hi all,

At our studio we have two PipelineConfigurations per-project that are made available to all users - our primary production environment and a beta staging configuration.

We’re hoping to have SG Desktop default to the production configuration every time a user navigates to a project, to minimise cases of users accidentally running in the beta environment without opting in - is this possible?


Hi @nikshanks !

The resolution order of the pipeline configurations are listed in this section of the tk-core documentation.
So I think having the main config called Primary might be what you want here. Might be something different though, have not thought about it in super detail.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:



Yup, Primary needs to be the name of your default.
If a user uses staging, then sg-desktop will remember that next session, so there’s still the risk of them using staging. It is clearly shown in the UI though, with a large blue banner at the top.


Thanks for your help guys! :slight_smile:

Sorry I think I worded my question quite poorly, but that behaviour of SG Desktop remembering the staging selection for the next session is what I’m hoping to change.

So if an artist goes to projectA in Desktop and changes their configuration selection to staging, and then either restarts Desktop or exits out from the project and back in, we’d ideally like for the configuration to reset to production/Primary - so essentially the user has to opt-in again every time to using a different config. Will changing our production PipelineConfiguration name to Primary achieve this?

You’re totally right that it’s clearly shown, but we’ve already been running into a number of issues with users forgetting and continuing to run in staging. It’s as much an issue of support capacity and ticket triage workflow within our studio but we were hoping to perhaps mitigate it with this change if possible.

Thanks again!

If I do any major updates I run a command on all workstations (at night) to kill all software and sg desktops.

Or reboot the machines.

Simple and effective :slight_smile: