DaVinci Resolve Community Engine

Cheerio folks,
I was wondering if any of you has made any efforts towards setting up an engine for DaVinci Resolve.
I’m currently taking a look into the community engine for Fusion to see if I can translate some of the code for Resolve.
Anyways does someone of already tried this and could help me out? Or is this currently not doable due to the limitations of Resolve’s API?




Prism Pipeline has planned to add support on Resolve using the full python support on the paid version.

Could be nice to have SG Toolkit on it, it is a good alternative to Flame or Hiero for conformation, dispatch and review…


I think as far as I’ve dabbled into Resolve their issue is the constant changing api and lack of documentation atm… But would love to see one!

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This needs to come back from the dead and get done ….!

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