Data_handler_cache error

Hi all,

I have a strange recent situation with a single Nuke artist that just appeared today: when she launches Nuke, tk-multi-workfiles2 File Open dialog fails with an error at the end of the stack trace about the get_children method of data_handler_cache failing to iterate because it’s been passed a string value when it’s expected a dict.

She’s never had this issue in the past, no one else on the team is experiencing it, and I can’t reproduce it myself.

She’s logged out & back in a few times, so I know Shotgun Desktop and the subsequent Nuke launches are getting refreshed. Does the data that the data_handler_cache accesses ever get stale or corrupted?

Full stack:

2020-12-07 09:42:03,571 [7192 ERROR] Failed to create File Open dialog!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-multi-workfiles2\v0.11.8\python\tk_multi_workfiles\", line 115, in _show_file_dlg
    self._dialog_launcher(dlg_name, app, form)
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\core\python\tank\platform\", line 1822, in show_dialog
    dialog, widget = self._create_dialog_with_widget(title, bundle, widget_class, *args, **kwargs)
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\core\python\tank\platform\", line 1684, in _create_dialog_with_widget
    widget = self._create_widget(widget_class, *args, **kwargs)
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\core\python\tank\platform\", line 1658, in _create_widget
    widget = derived_widget_class(*args, **kwargs)
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-multi-workfiles2\v0.11.8\python\tk_multi_workfiles\", line 46, in __init__
    FileFormBase.__init__(self, parent)
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-multi-workfiles2\v0.11.8\python\tk_multi_workfiles\", line 64, in __init__
    self._my_tasks_model = self._build_my_tasks_model()
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-multi-workfiles2\v0.11.8\python\tk_multi_workfiles\", line 134, in _build_my_tasks_model
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-multi-workfiles2\v0.11.8\python\tk_multi_workfiles\my_tasks\", line 57, in __init__
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-multi-workfiles2\v0.11.8\python\tk_multi_workfiles\entity_models\", line 74, in __init__
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-framework-shotgunutils\v5.5.0\python\shotgun_model\", line 70, in __init__
    self._load_data(entity_type, filters, hierarchy, fields)
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-framework-shotgunutils\v5.5.0\python\shotgun_model\", line 367, in _load_data
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\core\python\tank\", line 503, in wrapper
    response = func(*args, **kwargs)
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-framework-shotgunutils\v5.5.0\python\shotgun_model\", line 266, in generate_child_nodes
    for data_item in self._cache.get_children(unique_id):
  File "X:\sgtk_studio\_projects\Endlings2\shotgun_configuration\install\app_store\tk-framework-shotgunutils\v5.5.0\python\shotgun_model\", line 129, in get_children
    for item in cache_node[self.CACHE_CHILDREN].itervalues():
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'itervalues'


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Hi @deanareeno

So it looks like something has gone wrong in our caching, and whilst it is probably an edge case bug, you should be able to fix it by removing the cache.

This page can help you find the cache, and you can wipe the whole thing, though that will cause a delay when you restart Desktop next time while it downloads everything. What I would recommend is probably just wiping the folder named after your shotgun site that sits inside the root cache folder, there will still be a bit of rebuilding but not as much.

Hi @philip.scadding,

Thanks for the help. I’ve sent the info along to the artist as a step-by-step set of instructions and am just waiting to hear back from her.


Artist reports that this has fixed the issue for her. Thanks again!

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