Dark Mode on the Connection Page


It would be awesome to be able to use the website dark mode on the Connection Page. A lot of people, myself included, often connect to Shotgun late at night, and the ultra bright full screen white page tends to burn our eyes like a thousand suns.

There could be a setting for the whole website to switch the default theme for all users. The connection page would use the dark scheme colors, and once connected, the users could choose there theme as usual.



Hi @benwall,

Can you try https://<yoursite>.shotgunstudio.com/user/login?theme=dark ?

Shotgun Create is doing something similar because the light theme was indeed too light.



It works perfectly, thanks. I changed my bookmark to this url.
Is there a way to automatically redirect users to this link when they need to log or when they disconnect?

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Cool hack @geffrak!

@benwall I think the current reason the dark login isn’t served up based on user pref is because the login page doesn’t know who the user is yet, so it doesn’t know that users pref for light/dark.

I’ll flag this one to the product team, maybe there’s some sort of cookie or browser cache variable we can set that persists between login sessions so the login page will remember your pref.


Of course, that’s why it would needs to be a global website setting.

Thanks for flagging!

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