Custom Status list Icons


Just wondering if there is a way to scale the icons to be larger then 16x16. I noticed that the the Disabled Icon seem to be larger then the square in the center of the field, and I’ve been trying to get my own Icon to take up more of the field but it seems to mitigate it to a very small square in the center of the field.

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Hi David,

First of all, I moved your post to Shotgun category as it’s more related to web UI.

To answer your question here, unfortunately there is no way to scale the icons to be larger than 16x16. It has to been an 16x16 PNG/JPG file (GIF works too, but PNG/JPG is preferred), and yes the icons are centered in the cell.

The Active, CBB, and Disabled Statuses are the only ones that were engineered into the UI at it’s conception and are not updatable on the client side. Unfortunately, it’s not something that is simply accomplished by us either, as it involves altering the underlying database tables. New Statuses only have the pictorial representation of an icon via the 16 x 16 PNG.

We have logged a feature request for the ability to have text as an icon, but feel free to submit your idea via our Roadmap Portal



I’ve gotten around this (sort of) by creating an icon in a text editor and then importing that as a transparent PNG. You can also make things a bit more visible by making sure you’re using bold text and picking a background color/contrast that makes it stand out.