Creating Attachment File with custom date

Hi! @bouchep and @tony maybe you guys can help me? thanks!

I’m trying to migrate one project from a local hosted shotgun server (internet air gapped) to a regular site on the internet, I’m copying everything: versions, tasks, users, pages, icons, statuses, shots etc. It is important that everything maintains the original created date for logging purposes.

My problem with Notes:
I try the method described here and here to create notes with attachments and annotations,
So shotgun uses the date to group replies, attachments, annotations and notes accordly
The problem is that I couldn’t achieve to create an attachment with a custom date, because I can’t update ‘this_file’ or ‘created_at’ after creation.

My approach:
Create a dummy attachment so it uploads the file to the cloud, then use the url generated to populate a creation data for a second attachment with the modified created_at, it kind of works, but I receive an incorrect token for the url provided, I guess I need to tweak something in the url for it to work.

My questions:
Can I edit somehow the url from the dummy attachment to make it work when populating the create data for the real attachment?

Can I use the sg._get_attachment_upload_info() or sg._upload_to_storage() directly to overcome this?

Any suggestions are appreciated thanks in advance!!

# find the original note that we want to copy
originalNote = sgSource.find_one("Note", [["id", "is", 6376]], ['created_at'])

# create a project-based dummy version to upload attachments to,
# if one doesn't already exist
dummy = sg.find_one('Version', [['code','is','dummyVersion']])
if dummy == None:
    dummy = sg.create('Version', {'description':'dummy version to link files against','code':'dummyVersion','project':{'type':'Project','id':91}})

# filepath to the image
filePath = '/media/whatever.png'
# find the version you want to attach a note to
version = sg.find_one('Version',[['id','is', 6992]])

# upload a new Attachment to the dummy, the result is the id of the new Attachment
att_id = sg.upload('Version', dummy['id'], filePath)

# Get the first dummy attachment
dummyAttachment = sg.find_one('Attachment', [['id','is',att_id]],['created_at', 'this_file'])

# Create the real attachment using the dummy attachment this_file data except id
attachment = sg.create(
            'image': filePath
            'this_file': {'content_type': dummyAttachment['this_file']['content_type'],
                           'link_type': dummyAttachment['this_file']['link_type'],
                           'name': dummyAttachment['this_file']['name'],
                           'type': dummyAttachment['this_file']['type'],
                           'url': dummyAttachment['this_file']['url']
# create the copy note now with the latest attachment
copyNote = sg.create(
            'note_links':[version], #note_links expects an array of entity hashes
            'content':'new simultaneous upload test',
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Hi @macbeth,

Unfortunately I think you’re liable to hit a wall at a certain point with this technique but I’m confident we can work something out.

Could you submit a ticket to ? There are some extra details we’d need to know and we have an entire team whose job includes supporting clients doing the kind of local to hosted migration you’re working on.


Hi @bouchep Thanks a lot for your help.
I contacted support and unfortunately there is no way of migrating only one project from a local site to a hosted one.

Because of political and privacy reasons it will be impossible to migrate the full site, and later delete all the other unwanted projects, so that would not be an option either : (

Is it really no way to construct a valid url/token to feed the create command of an attachment? Using sg._get_attachment_upload_info() maybe?

Thanks again!

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