Cleaner way to add web url attachment to upload attachment?

We link to release notes for certain uploaded files.

Right now my solution is:

  • sg.upload() to get id for new Attachment (parent attachment)
  • sg.create() to get id for new web Attachment (child attachment)
  • sg.update() to assign the new web Attachment to the parent attachment

But it feels a bit messy, so I’m curious:

No way to set arbitrary fields when executing sg.upload()?

sg.upload() is basically doing sg.create() in the background right? But no way to fill in arbitrary fields like you do with sg.create()? So there’s no way to combine my sg.upload() and sg.update() commands?

It’d be nice to provide the child Attachment when I’m creating the parent Attachment. Also noticed that when uploading by hand, file_extension gets set automatically – but with the API it’s blank, so I have to do it in sg.update() afterward?

edit: apparently file_extension is read only so it’s just not functional when uploading via api? Not seeing any way to specify it with the upload command.

shotgun.Fault: API update() Attachment.file_extension is read only

Cleaner way to use sg.update() for Attachments?

When doing sg.update(), I’m matching the fields returned when I find that field, so it’s something like

        attachment_data = {
            'url': f"<url_to_release_notes>",
            'name': version,

url and name were already defined when I created the web attachment, so I don’t like repeating them (haven’t tested what happens if I change them here – does it update the original attachment or does it get messy?). content_type, link_type, and type are information that could also be derived from id. I didn’t test all permutations but not including the url that was already defined when I created the attachment gave me an error: API update() invalid/missing url hash string 'url'

Is there a better way to tackle this?

Bonus question: in the shotgrid web UI, is there a way to view all attachments regardless of project (including files with no project)?

Hello @JPFS,
The way to create attachment with url is described there: Details About Working With Files — python-api v3.5.0 documentation

As for your bonus question, a list of all attachments can be found in the “Admin menu > Default layouts > File > File list”

Have a good day