Creating a task/notification from a Gantt chart "overlap"

Hi all, I’m a very, very new user, so apologies if this is a foolish/redundant question. I searched through as many articles and tutorials as I could find, but couldn’t find an answer.

One of the (many) things we’ll be trying to do with Shotgrid will be to keep track of specific episodes of content and their publish date. These episodes will contain elements specific to an advertiser (a brand specific endtag for example). I’m wondering if there’s a way with to populate these episodes in a gantt chart which would generate an email to a specific team member if there was an “overlap” of this content. For example, if Episode 01 of a show was scheduled to be published on May26th with a Coca Cola endtag, and then the same Episode was published with a Pepsi endtag, a task/notification was generated regarding the conflict.

Obviously visually this information is presented in the gantt chart itself, but to automate this “flagging” process would really simplify one of the many bumps we might encounter in workflow.

Thanks for anyone’s time and any light you might be able to shed on this!

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