Create Note when updating an Entity

Hi there,

I have a new question from my production team:
Would it be possible to chain Note creation to status update in a certain context (let’s say, a given User sets a Task status to a given value)?

They ask for a window to pop-up when they change status.
As I never saw such a thing in SG I wonder if it is feasible.

My answer was to take the process the other way, i. e. update a status based on a Note creation, with dedicated fields added to Notes.

Did anyone implement such a thing?



Bonjour François,

Directly in-app, as a feature, no this isn’t possible. However if you have a pipeline engineering resource, you could achieve this using our ecosystem of APIs.

For the case of creating a Note when a Task is changed status, you could use an Action Menu Item. This would appear as a right-click option on the Task which, when clicked would delegate information to a web page that you’ve coded. This web page could take input of the text for the note, create the note and change the Task’s status.

For information on Action Menu Items, please check out these resources:

As for the reverse case where creating a Note would trigger a change to the status of the Task the note is linked to, you could use the Shotgun Event Daemon or our forthcoming Webhooks (currently in closed beta). With either of these two approaches, when a Note is created a signal would be sent to your code via either framework. Your code would look at the Note, find the associated Task, if there is one, and change the Task’s status to the appropriate state if the Note matches the requirements.

For more information on the Shotgun Event Daemon please check out these resources:

If you’re interested in participating in our Webhooks beta you can signal your interest and send a request to .

As for my recommendation, I’d probably go with the latter solution as it probably allows the user to setup the Note more easily with less code on your part.

Sure hope this helps you implement the tools to customize your workflow!


Hi Patrick, thanks for your insigths !

Thats confirmed my first opinion, and I think we’ll go with the second option.
As for the webhooks yes, I might be interested so I will send you guys a request as proposed.

Best regards,