Copy values from a column to another

Hi SG people,

I wonder if there is a way to copy all values from a an entire columne or selected shots and paste it into another? I mean directly in SG without using a CSV document


Hi Luis,

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for your question!

Right now there isn’t a simple way to copy/paste like via a cmd+C/cmd+V to move data around in a Shotgun grid page. The “fastest” way to do this right now would be to perform an export from the page in question, open the CSV, copy the column of values from one to the other, then perform an Import updating just that new column.

The product team is looking at how to make getting data into Shotgun easier, and this is a great example of such a use case I’ll pass along.


Is this still correct? This seems fairly painful. What if I have a lot of entries that have a lot of multi-entity fields that I need to paste?

What is the exact use case?

To handle this sort of use case a Pipeline dev could look into ShotGrid AMI’s or tk-shotgun app creation that could provide a UI to do exactly what you request.

Well, one use case is that we are setting up concept art first and don’t have fully formed assets yet. So we are using asset entities as placeholders. Several pieces of Concept Art (a custom entity) is linked to this asset placeholder. Eventually when the real asset structure is setup, I’d want to select the entries in the multientity field pointing to all those concept art pieces, copy and paste them to the same field on the new correct asset. This is a simple concept that any spreadsheet user is familiar with. But I was surprised when I could not find a way to do this from the Web interface. We can do it in our tools that access the database via the API. But this seems like something that would be needed. There really is no work around…even if you export to .CSV file and select that information in the cell from Excel. You cannot paste that info into the cell on the web.

That’s because the .CSV treats the multientity entries as simple comma separated entries. And when pasting SG just ask if you want to create a new entity with this really long convoluted name with commas in it. It interprets the entire string as the name. In reality, the copied data has a format more like this:

[{“id”: 1, “name”: “character”, “type”: “CustomNonProjectEntity02”}, {“id”: 7, “name”: “vehicle”, “type”: “CustomNonProjectEntity02”}]

And that’s why the export and copy/paste option doesn’t work.