Connection between a Client user and a Shared Playlist

Hello, is there a way to get a list of Client users that a Playlist is shared with using the Shotgun REST API?

You can probably use the search or summarize endpoints.
If you were using the search endpoint, you would POST to:

your filters would be: [["user", "type_is", "ClientUser"]]
and the fields you want to get are [].
You can then make a set out of your list of results.

Summarize would be roughly the same, your filters are the same
your summary_fields would be [{'field':'', 'type':'count'}]
and your grouping would be [{'field': '', 'type': 'exact', 'direction': 'asc'}]

Summarize should be a faster query and has the advantage of telling you how many playlists were shared with a ClientUser.