CI/CD Distro Tools for Lambda/Serverless Webhooks Repo

So I was able to quickly scaffold out a Lambda/Serverless repo. The repo has a handler that supports multiple SG Webhook workers. This makes it somewhat easy to build and deploy. However, irregularly when I run “sls deploy” to get the repo distributed to the Serverless, I get different endpoints. I am a bit of a noob here, so I don’t know if this can or should be made static. However, I am inclined to build my own distro tools to not only run the SLS deploy but also update the SG Webhook URL’s with the feedback from the deploy (new URL endpoints). Furthermore, having the distro deploy to dev and prod instances of SG and with flags to limit the distribution to a single test project seems like a necessity. I would love to hear other stories from users diving into WebHooks.