Can you replace/ add a new attachment to an existing note?

Hi, I am relatively new to Shotgrid web, and I have a probably silly question.

Sometimes, while reviewing, I add attachments to a note. However, I did not find a way to add or substitute attachments to an existing note, in case I forgot to upload an attachment at the moment of creating the note itself, or in case I uploaded the wrong file.

The workaround I have found is to reply to the note and add the correct attachment to the reply, by I wonder if there was a way to add the missing attachment straight to the note I created, as opposed to create a reply and add the attachment to it.

I hope my explanation is understandable.
Thanks for any pointer!


In ShotGrid, afaik, Attachments are displayed inside the Note or the latest Reply if the creation dates of both are closed enough (I don’t know what the limit is).
So your workaround seems to be the only solution. (Or you might recreate the whole Note).

thank you very much for the information. At first I thought that the inability to update a note’s attachment was a feature aimed at preserving the history of the note (almost a tamper-proof sort of thing). Then I noticed how you can in fact delete existing attachments from a given note. It’s just that it seems that you can’t upload new ones or replace existing files (contrary to what you can do with a version of a video, for instance).
So I am wondering if there’s a particular use case scenario for such a behaviour.
Thanks for taking the time to answer! Much appreciated.

I think it can be done via the api, just not in the web interface.

I think you’re right to think the aim is to preserve the history of the Notes so the communication is done clearly via replies, and everybody can understand what happened ;).

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