Can you download filmstrip thumbnails through the API?


Is it possible to download the filmstrip thumbnail through the API. There are methods for upload but none for download.

I am aware that the filmstrip thumbnail URL is available through the field ‘filmstrip_image’.

Currently I’m replicating the functionality contained within the download_attachment method but this feels unnecessarily messy.

I believe a find call to the api with that field should return a dictionary with the image url (a temporary aws link)?
Does it not?

Yes I think it lives in filmstrip_image and you can do a download of the returned URL (such as a urllib.request.urlopen(<url>))

Yeah as I mentioned in my post, getting the URL from the API is straightforward.
I am able to download the filmstrip image through the requests library but I still need to construct my own session cookie and authentication. Which has been especially annoying as I have found that some filmstrips are hosted on and other on, and each site requires a different session cookie.

I was just looking for a way to directly download the image and avoid the hassle, similar to how the API has Shotgun.download_attachment

But as far as I understand, the url you get should be a aws presigned url which works for about 10 minutes.

Or do you have a local SG install?