Can RV be set to only load the visible layers in a stack into the cache?

For our reviews, coordinators like to be have the original footage, REF, and the most recent two versions layered on top of each other in a stack so we can easily cycle through the stack and compare them. However, for our 4K shows this is a problem because RV tries to load all 4+ 4K pieces of footage into the RAM cache, which is slow and runs out of room (even with 64GB RAM) before even loading a whole shot sometimes (if it’s a long one).

Is there any way to change this behavior so RV will only load the actual image it’s displaying into the RAM cache? So we could even cache a whole sequence and play it back without producers having to wait through loading times in between each shot?

I understand we’d have a little bit of buffering that would happen when cycles between layers but that’s usually only done on certain frames here and there. Generally we only need realtime playback for the most recent version, which is on top of the stack.

In the meantime, I’m planning to write a script that automatically makes both a stacked and a single-version timeline but it would be nice if we didn’t need to do that.

Thanks! Hope that all makes sense! I’m trying hard to get our studio to move to RV reviews instead of creating Premiere projects for everything but things like this are holding us back.

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The stack view is indeed used to display all sources on top of each other with a customizable blend operation (over by default). There are multiple situations where more than one source can be visible :

  1. Use a non-over blend mode.
  2. The top source is smaller than the one below.

Because of that the stack view will indeed fill the cache of all sources.

Have you considered using the topmost blend mode? Would it help in your workflow? In this mode, the stack should only display the top most source and only this source should fill the cache.

Hope this helps.


As far as minimally affecting you workflow, you can use topmost in RV’s Stack composite operation to only consider the top-most item.

This won’t allow images to be seen poking out due to opacity or geometric differences (but in your case, that sounds desirable).


You can then use the “(” and “)” hotkeys to cycle through the inputs of the stack.

Also, changing the operation to Topmost might not refresh the cache right-away. You might have to switch to another view (eg.: A source) and come back to the stack node for the cache to be re-filled with just the visible source.


Thanks, Michael!