Can I change a List field to a Text field?

I have a list field that has many entries across our site, but I’d like to change it from a List type field to a Text type field and have all the values be preserved.

Why do I want to do this? I’d prefer the values in the field be dynamic instead of a set list to chose from.


This is possible, but we recommend exporting the field values prior to changing the field type from List to Text as an extra precaution.

  1. Create a global page of the entity type the field is on. So for instance, if the list field in on Shot, create a global page of the Shot type. Pages can be created from most places in Shotgun, just hit n on your keyboard, then p, and enter to create a page from then global new menu. Then, name the page (in my case, “Global Shots”), set the type (Shots in my example, since that’s the entity) remove the project value, and create:

Then, adjust the layout and filtering so that we’re just exporting the Shot code and List field, and records with values in the List field:

  1. Export the data from this global page. Save the export with the id, Shot code (or other entity name depending on what’s being exported) and list field columns.

  1. Now, convert the field from the List type to Text type by right-clicking on the field header, and selecting “Configure field…”:

That’s it! All values will be preserved and you can begin using the field as a text field. And, you’ll have a back-up just in case.