Beginner Question: Scope of ShotGrid in Game Dev

I’m trying to wrap my head around what the scope of Shotgrid is in game dev. I can create tasks for concept, greyboxes, and models, rigs, animations, but somehow I cannot, for the love of it, submit any model file types (e.g. FBX) as a “version”, nor can I get my installations of ShotGun Desktop or ShotGrid Create to do anything that looks remotely like the stuff in the “overview” videos, where 3D models are examined, etc.

The Unity integration seems to… mostly interact with Unity Recorder instead of the Asset Database?

Am I getting the scope of this DAM fundamentally wrong here? Do the assets actually not live in ShotGrid? (and then, how would they be linked to ensure whatever lives in git / plastic / perforce actually IS the approved version of the asset?)

My understanding was: After all work and reviews are done, “Publish” is the final pipeline step to take it into the Game Engine (e.g. UE or Unity) to the defined final location or flag it for integration/shipping. None of the sample projects seem to do this (or contain any relevant assets). What am I missing here? :slight_smile:

Ok, I realize there seems to be some requirement for configuration, even to do anything meaningful with the test projects. No big deal? Well. I can’t for the love of it set up the Unity integration (or any integration), it always ends up in the following state if I follow the documentation:

I’ve tried manually editing a local config from files, and using that, but after a couple of attempts this has left the project in a state that I cannot further configure it; the suggestion to run “tank setup_project --force” doesn’t really help because I have no idea where that binary even is, nor where the project is stored.