Automatic Shotgun Playlist Creation

Id like to ask about creating Shotgun Playlists automatically. We create daily review playlists (ie 2020-12-07_Animation_Review), although these are always made manually. Is there any tool within shotgun to schedule these daily playlists to be created?
Thanks for your help!


Assuming your daily playlists contain always for exemple new versions of the day for a specific project/task/shot, you can achieve this easily with python.

For exemple, with a cron job triggering a python script that search for Version entities matching the context, you can then create a playlist entity and link those versions to it.

Depending on the creation method used for those versions, it could also be done at version creation directly (for exemple, in our pipeline, it’s done with a post job on the renderfarm) or with the Shotgun Events Loop.

Hope this help!